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Fuji Electric


Fuji Electric Instrumentation

FUJI Electric are the manufacturers & suppliers of various instruments used in process industries like Iron & steel, Waste incineration, Cement, Pulp & Paper Oil Refining , petrochemical, Energy, Power generation, Boiler. 

Fuji Electric provides integration instrumentation solutions including analyzers, transmitters, meters, controllers, and recorders.

The product range includes below  

Gas analyzers- Compact type Infrared Gas Analyzer , Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer, Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer, Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer, Flameproof type Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer, Single beam/double beam system Infrared Gas Analyzer, Portable Type Infrared Gas Analyzer, Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer

Ultrasonic flowmeters - Portable type, Ultrasonic flow meter for Air and water level

Pressure transmitters -Absolute Pressure Transmitter, Differential Pressure Transmitter, Remote Seal type differential Pressure Transmitter

Temperature controllers

Recorders -Paperless recorder, Microjet recorder

Measuring instruments/signal converter

AC drives & Motion, Semiconductor.