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Honeywell Heavy-Duty Limit Switches

Honeywell's Heavy-duty HDLS Series switches offer a rugged, die-cast body — epoxy-coated — with multiple mounting and actuator options. Low- and high-temp construction and factory- sealed, pre-wired versions are also available. The HDLS Series' modular construction allows for a wide variety of actuator styles, operating heads, and electrical circuitry options. The plug-in versions greatly reduce downtime on production lines with high actuation rates as replacement of the switch is accomplished in seconds. The base receptacle contains all the wiring and conduit connection while the switching component with operating head easily assembles to the base and is attached with two screws.


Applications include food and beverage machinery, shipboard and dockside, caustic waste handling, power generating plants, pulp and paper, welding, automotive machine tools and conveyors.