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Monday, August 28, 2017

Ideal for proper management for compressor etc…!

Abundant applicable pipe diameters

Applicable pipe diameter 25mm up to 200mm.

No energy loss due to no pressure loss

Measurement principle is ultrasonic method. There is no pressure loss without protrusion in the pipe.

No need of filter such as mist separator thanks to FWD has high resistance to oil mist

Accurate flow rate measurement including oil mist. Strong durable and reliable to use.

No need of power source installation work by means of battery driven

Lithium-battery build-in type (approx. 10 years operating) is provided without painful wiring work of the power.

Flow rate conversion available

Conversion from an actual flow rate to a flow rate at normal conditions (0°C, 1 atm) or user-defined conditions. Capable of forward/reverse measurement and output

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