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Manufacturer Pune Techtrol Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer part number SFPS
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Pune Techtrol Magnetic Float Pivoted Level Switch - FPS

Economical & maintenance free device used for high, low or intermediate point level switching. It is side mounted and ideal for tanks with inaccessible tops or bottoms.
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Techtrol Magnetic Float Operated Pivoted Level Switch - FPS

It is an economical device used for high, low or intermediate point level switching and ideal for tanks with inaccessible tops or bottoms. 

Salient Features:

  • Safety of operation through glandless design
  • Option of ‘Extended Trim' for long nozzle length
  • Option of ‘Hermetically Sealed' switch casing
  • Option of `IBR Approved' switch, mounted in external chamber
  • Option of Ex-P (CCOE) / ATEX Certification / Marine Class Approval 

Construction & Operation: 

Compact & rugged construction consisting of a free moving pivoted float assembly and a switch enclosure in non-magnetic material to achieve undisturbed magnetic flux. It employs dual magnets, one carried by the float arm and other by the contact carriers housed in the switch enclosure. A change in liquid level brings the like poles of dual magnets opposite to each other and resulting repulsion force ensures a changeover of contacts with snap action. The magnetic coupling is glandless to prevent leakage from vessel to switch housing. 


Mounted internally or externally through a chamber. External mounting is resorted to, where space is a limiting factor or mechanical devices like stirrers operate within the tank. Besides, in applications like boilers, reaction kettles etc., with external mounting, isolating is possible for regular servicing. The switch is normally side-mounted, however for applications like slurry, top installation is preferred. The switch can be wired directly "to make or break electrical circuits", of burners, heaters, motorpumps, alarms and other such electrically operated devices

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