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Honeywell Specialty Large Basic Switches

MICRO SWITCH premium specialty large snap-action switches are designed for repeatability and enhanced life. These series of precision switches feature application-specific characteristics. From double-break circuitry to handling power duty electrical loads, MICRO SWITCH premium large snap-action switches are suitable for a variety of applications.

BS Series switches offer alternatives to solve challenging switch applications. These unique solutions can provide adjustable operating characteristics, sequential outputs, or impact actuation (no external plunger).

DT Series switches consist of two independent single-pole double throw (SPDT) contacts in one housing controlled by an integral common actuator. The DPDT contact configuration provides a contact for the control circuit and a different contact for the signal or auxiliary circuit.

MT Series magnetic blow-out switches are designed to switch high-capacity (125 Vdc/250 Vdc) electrical loads. An integral magnet around the contact gap deflects the arc away from the contacts, extending switch life. Vents between the cover and housing allow the hot gas to escape.

Easy to gang mount, MN Series single pole double throw double-break switches are for use with limit or control mechanisms on machine tools, presses, or other equipment.

MICRO SWITCH TB Series miniature single pole double throw double break switches offer a means of controlling circuits similar to the MN Series switches except in a smaller package.